Biography of Academician

Mikhail Yurjevich Mianiye, the Founder and President, the Scientific Supervisor of Centre and System “Development of the Personality” (Academician
Miamine’s System )

  • Childhood. School
  • Date and place of birthday.
    Mikhail Yurjevich was born on February , 1st, 1964 in Ukraine (at that moment it was one of the republics of Soviet Union), in village Ivanovka, in
    Lugansk region.
  • Childhood
    was like everybody at that time except for love of learning and aspiration to do something great, but he did not understand what he must have done and
    by what way.
  • The Military School. The Army.

– After finishing the secondary school in 1981, Mikhail Yurjevich was actuated by available at that time aspiration for something lofty, his aspiration to
sky and flights entered Kharkov Military Aviation School. But it turned out that reality of the post-Soviet period does not correspond to the ideas, which
have been formed earlier (by the kind of people, relationships, traditions, etc). That’s why Mikhail Yurjevich wrote a report about the dismissal after 1,5
years of studying and went to serve in the army.

  • The army.
    The picture in the army was even more sad than the military school. It was not terrible, but too sad.
  • The Institute. 1984- 1988
  • In 6 months after finishing serve in the army Mikhail Yurjevich entered 2nd course of Kharkiv Institute of Radioelectronics to Computer
    field faculty, to applied mathematics, which was one of the advanced, interesting and perspective specialities of that time.
  • Studying at the Institute had its joys and successes, but in general – he was like everybody, he did not had something special, to which it wanted to
    dedicate his life.
  • Trainee and Researcher. 1988-1989.
  • After finishing the Institute Mikhail Yurjevich worked as trainee and researcher in Computer field department of Kharkiv Institute of Radioelectronics
    during the year.
  • This year was key year in Fate and chose of Way because on one hand it was entrance to science, on another hand – acquaintance with esoterism and start
    to work in this area.
  • Post-Graduate Course. 1989-1992

– Post graduate studying
was interesting because it did not limit time and activity. That’s why there was a possibility to study and later teach in “Yoga Academy” at the same time
with studying on the one hand. On the other hand it gave enough possibilities to study the topic “Artificial Intelligence” (studying of this are helped him
in working out his own “Theory of Consciousness’s Work ” in future) and study to his scientific supervisor Shabanov- Kushnarenko Yurij Petrovich. He was
one of the most famous scientists and professors of this institute, the author of his own scientific schools, which had prepare more 100 Masters of Science
and PhDs.

  • Mikhail Yurjevich tells with gratitude about his scientific supervisor – “He had possibility to study as science, as life. I am grateful him he has not
    given me any unnecessary, formal knowledge, that’s why I have had possibility to grow up and go further”
  • During post-graduate studying the first experience as researcher, the experience of independent preparing of articles became. Also the interest thesis
    “Graph Theory as descriptive language of Artificial Intellect ” was prepared, but not defended because the other view to the person’s consciousness had
    been formed to the finish of post graduate studying and perspectives, which new knowledge gave, were more attractive.
  • Yoga Academy. 1989-1992
  • Yoga Academy
    is one of the most powerful esoteric schools in former USSR. More than 20 thousand of people learned only in Kharkov and Kharkov region. The Founder of
    Academy or “Russian Yoga School” is Statsenko Gennadij Grigorijevich (Moscow).
  • Yoga Academy” laid the foundation of esoteric thinking. Of course, transition from materialism (it was norm for majority of Soviet people) to admission
    of Existing of Soul and Spiritual World did not always come easily, but it happened. It’s remarkable the first trainer in yoga was employee of the same
    Computer Field Department where Mikhail Yurjevich studied, Kolubaj Stanislav Konstantinovich.

– On one hand yoga was something new, unusual and interesting, on the other – it was the way of spiritual and physical perfection. Besides, it was a stuff
of interesting and not indifferent people to this matter, people with high education, full professors, students, those who were looking for answers the
most important questions and aspire for worthy communication and pastime. In Yoga Academy creative parties were held, the work to revival of balls. Besides
the knowledge was interesting, they gave Spiritual Healing and some of listeners became professional healers and extrasensors.

– Mikhail Yurjevich had big aspiration for Perfection in everything.
The results of his own development were very high and natural necessity of the person going to the Way of Development was a wish to give
such knowledge to other people.

–The formation in this area was very fast
and Mikhail Yurjevich started to conduct classes by himself in two years after studying in the Academy. The first efforts to form his own groups were
unsuccessful during six months and then high results appeared enough fast. The groups whose general number were more 500 people in Kharkov, Odessa,
Simferopol and Krasnij Luch were gathered and successful conducted. It was one of the best results in Yoga Academy. That’s why Mikhail Yurjevich became a
vice-chancellor of Academy in learning part when his instructor Kolubaj Stanislav Konstantinovich had been elected the Chancellor of Yoga Academy.

– Withdrawal from the Academy.
There were a lot of worthy things in Yoga Academy, but there were a raw of problems, which it could not solve.

The first
was that some aims were declared, but were not realized.

The second
was the competitive activity for leadership was too hard, and not always ethic. The counteraction was even against the Chancellor.

The third
was that it was not positive school as a whole, it was “gray”, in whose idea Right and Wrong were extremes and the aim was to learn to go to middle (gray)
way, avoiding Right and Wrong or using both of them in reasonable measure.

– Kolubaj Stanislav Konstantinovich left the Chancellor post by himself. His motives were not clearly marked, that’s why we can only guess about them; on
the one hand work in conditions of opposition was not interesting and hard, on the other hand, it was understood that he was far ahead his surrounding and
was ready to open and lead his own direction what he did by organizing Kharkov Rerich society.

Kolubaj Stanislav Konstantinovich suggested Mikhail Yurjevich to go further with him, but where go, to which goals and by what way – there were no answers.
The question was the following – “Are you with me or not?”

Because of clear answers the question where go were not – Mikhail Yurjevich refused.

– After that there were only two choices: the first – it was possible to stay at the Yoga Academy, but it was impractical because there were no
perspectives, or second – go away from the Yoga Academy to unknown. Mikhail Yurjevich left the Yoga Academyto eventually start a new Way, the Way of
creating his Learning and his School.

  • The choose of Way. 1992-1993

– It was one of the hard periods which lasted about six months and reached to critical states – when it was not understand what should do, there is no
Instructor and stuff and there is only understanding that further study at nobody and has not to wait for help from anyone. There was an understanding –
where to go in life, and what the future perspectives of the Spiritual Development.

  • After leaving the Academy the conducting of groups in Yoga Academy’s programs was curtailed. This period coincided with the end of post-graduate study.

– But there were many pleasant moments in this period. One of them is disclosure of talents for work with information –

The First – is the moments of inspiration when you put very important questions, and if the question is worded carefully, finished paintings replies issue
in the mind for a while, in many respects,: “How is the Energy arranged? Or Consciousness? “,” How are processes of this World arranged “… It was the
first and main channel of obtaining information.

The second main possibility of work with information that has come largely intuitive – it’s the methodic of working with the operator (with a person with
extrasensory perception). He answered questions, mostly in a “dark” (not knowing what questions were asked, answered only “Yes” or “No”). From these
answers could put together the picture of understanding the World, its laws, and the answers virtually question. The development of this technology went
through the steps, starting from the fact that it was necessary to add the word letter by letter, ending with the fact that whole blocks of ideas, proof of
the adequacy or mistaken – it was possible to get there and then with a single answer.

Further these skills were perfected and led to create non-formal logic. Logic allowing to work as with existing knowledge (to create the whole picture from
separate facts and create the single theories as a result) as work maximum effective with the Operator using the available range of options.

– Thanks to this work the first and the most important book “The Laws of Creator” appeared
which laid in basis of further knowledge’s development, theory and programs of the System. Firstly “The Laws of Creator” was typed and
distributed by self-publishing among the listeners of the System. Firtly it was published only in 2000.

–As a result the aims were fixed which did not changed during the next 20 years of work, but only specified and detailed –

The first aim.
Development should be comprehensive and the most efficient, covering all areas of the inner world of person and every of main aims of his life.

The second aim. Serving – access to the best possible contribution to the development of person and society. As a result everything that there is in this
world, was organized under the laws and ideals of the Creator.

The third aim. The Organization, which there is a sense to create – should live and works under spiritual laws. And it gives to a person maximum
(development, worthy relationship and traditions, creativity, and ideally – maximal opportunities for self-realization).

The main differences from Yoga Academy are the following –

The first is to do a thing that Yoga Academy could not do: raise development and other areas to higher heights.

The second is the choice positive way, the Way of Light, this Way is the best of the worthy.

The third – a highest ideal in everything – the ideal of Worthy Person, Worthy Relationships, Worthy Tradition, etc.

Certainly, these aims were heard in the Chapter in a milder form, but their essence was always the following and the work of the System has been directed
on the realization of these aims from the first lesson.

  • System’s development and formation. 1993- nowadays

Part 1. Main stages

Establishing and developing of the System was going, by and large, according to the main logic chart of formation of any Study: 1. Answers to specific
questions (sutras, thesis). 2. Creation of Unified System of Knowledge (The Whole with all correlations without contradictions). 3. Development of
long-term training programs (solution of the problem by dividing the integer into the parts and then to gather it step-by-step in the mind of individual so
that it could bring the best results). 4. Development of all necessary rules, traditions, programs of staff development, etc (conditions of realization of
the programs). 5. Practical implementation.

Stage 1. 1993 – 1998.
Answers to the specific questions – that is information operating time and lectures dedicated to specific questions and topics.

Of course all the steps were not easy. The complexity of the given period was that the school was unknown, there were no long-term programs, groups were
minimal, financial situation was in the critical state. The quarters for lessons changed constantly due to the various reasons.

Nevertheless, this stage went by quite successfully: the quantity of the groups was growing up, from 10-15 to 40-60 persons in the end of the given period.

Stage 2. Creation of Unified System of Knowledge
. This process was ongoing simultaneously with the first stage. It is marked by production of relevant books (“Yoga Sutra of Patanjali”, “State of the
Hierarchy of Light”, “Human Consciousness”, “Philosophy of the Cosmos”, etc.) and by the building of the basis for entering the next stage.

Stage 3. 1998 – 2005. Development of the first long-term programs and trainings on their basis.

That was one of the periods where was the takeoff of the System: incredibly interesting information, the program “The Way of Knowledge, Love and Power”
consisted of 4 stages designed for 4 years of studying: Stage 1. “Development of the Personality”. Stage 2. “The Way of Honor”. Stage 3. “Finding Peace and
Power”. Stage 3. “The Way of Warrior of the Light”. It contained studying of esoteric worldview and acquiring with the help of techniques (self-suggestion,
meditation and etc) the main qualities of the warrior, who is a Strong, Happy person, who can control himself and his destiny. On the lectures students
studied the structure of human soul, of subtle worlds. One of the most fascinating things is disclosure of capabilities and direct interaction with a
subtle world, familiarity with Patrons, with the representatives of the Higher Forces, leaving the body, egregor travels and plenty more.

There were no high requirements to students at that moment, and at the best of periods the quantity of listeners could reach 500 persons in one lecture

Stage 4. Development of the programs of personnel training, main rules and etc.

At the same time, Mikhail Yurjevich developed and conducted the first professional training programs on Spiritual Education and Spiritual Healing. The main
goal was not to achieve resulting effect but to understand the way one could do it and to develop the relevant programs and strategies. From the first set
on the Spiritual Healing that had been composed of 20 persons, there left only one in the end. But anyway it was the basis for creation of future Structure
of Healers, that functions now at the highest professional level and these professional healers themselves are the trainers for new staff.

Since 2001, after the passing of specific training, there appeared the first leaders
which held the lectures in several courses (the lessons in the System were held 6 days a week simultaneously for 2-3 courses.)

There also appeared the first betrayers, which have embarked upon a slander, because of that or other offences and unrealized ambitions, making dubious
credibility and antagonism to the System. Mikhail Yurjevich’s reaction towards them was regular: “The dogs bark but the caravan passes on
”. But, of course, it is always frustrating and insulting when people who talked about their devotion now aiming to destroy the System, the organization
which gave them strength, disclosed their talents, gave them its various opportunities. That was one of the reasons why many students left the System. It
also became the reason to review the requirements for the students and other rules of the System (who and why will have an opportunity to have this
knowledge in future and to enjoy confidence of the System). One of the decisions that were also made was the cessation of new sets and also in order, to
the prejudice of quantity, to reach the maximum level of training of the people who deserved it. With time it has yielded its positive results.

Some of publishing houses that published the defamatory information “at the Behest of Destiny” were closed.

In recent years, due to the active work of the layers of the System, the accusatory statements that were published before in some periodicals and in the
Internet were judicially recognized as libelous, irrelevant to the true state of affairs.

Stage 5. 2005 – 2008. Programs of Service. Development of public projects.
The main goals of previous stages were: Development of Person and Formation of Decent Relations and Decent Traditions. When these problems were solved the
next necessary step was to solve the problem with introduction of programs of Service. It was necessary to find the answers to the questions how to change
the Person and the Society on the whole for the better and what the System had to do for it.

With introduction of these programs a big quantity of students who were first of all, of course, selfish people who exploited the knowledge, left the
System. There remained only those who was able to understand that man’s destination, as a result, is not to live for oneself but to do something useful and
worthy for this world.

The first Public project was the project “Spiritual Revival of Person and Society”. Its task was to understand how spiritual and moral values should be
implemented in various spheres of social life, in nine dominant directions: science, education, religions and seminaries, politics, business, culture,
social movement, youth movement, mass media.

The next stage was to understand how all this can be realized in practice (both developing programs and service programs), i.e. the way it should be
introduced in society and why.

Stage 6. Starting 2008 – 2013 years. Strategy of entry into the society.

The main conclusions that were made by Mikhail Yurjevich and the System on the whole:

  • Spirituality cannot enter the society in its purest form.
    On the one hand, the potential audience for the esoteric is 1-2% of the population, not more. On the other hand, the post-Soviet space, with a large
    influence from the direction of the government and hard controlling mechanisms, the absolute lack of interest in the new knowledge will meet a great
  • The ideal approach
    by which the given knowledge will be implemented in practice is to translate it into scientific language, for its free entrance into the science and
    the system of secondary and high education.

On this basis was determined the following strategy of the System in all dominant directions.

  • Translation of all training programs and business trainings into scientific language
    . At first, there were developed and implemented in practice the first courses of professional training for new personnel trainings, it was the course
    “Standard Coaching” (the first set was in 2009 – 2010). Then there were courses named “The Major Spiritual Practices” (the first group was in 2010 –

After this Mikhail Yurjevich began to develop the basic courses to appeal to a broad audience, these were the courses named “Development of the
personality”; the admission began in spring in 2011. Now in this program are trained 6 courses (3 of them in Kharkov and other 3 at the branches). Starting
2009 year all the lessons are recorded on video and all the following courses that are held not by Mikhail Urivievich but by other leaders, use this video

  • In parallel with this have been developed all other processes, programs and projects for the Service
    , the implementation of which will help to reach the resulting effect:

Step 1. Development of Decent Person
(Project 1. Courses named “Development of the Personality”. Project 2. “International Standard of Personnel Training”. Project 3. “Education of Future”.
Project 4. “Public Broadcasting of the System”.)

Step 2. Development of Decent Organization
(Project 5. “Spiritual Revival of Person and Society”. Project 6. “Order of the System”).

Step 3. Development of Decent Society
(Project 7. “Society of Future – the Best of All Possible Ones”).

Stage 7. Starting 2013 year.

Getting the recognition and realization from the outside.
In fact, most of the Projects in the previous stages were developed on the theoretical level. The objective of this stage is to bring them to the level of
practical implementation, and to the best possible results. According to this were identified the dominant priorities, which are practically implemented

Direction 1. Science
. The goal is to prepare dozens of PhDs in dominant directions of System researches and to publish dozens of books in the given areas:

  • Practical Philosophy.
  • Psychology (Theory of Consciousness, Theory of Development of the Personality).
  • Political Science (New Theory of Development of Society).
  • Culture (Theory of Decent Traditions, Creativity, Culture and Art).
  • Focus on Physics is implemented by Mianiye in flesh, because it is not priority for the System.

Direction 2. Creativity. The main goals are: 1.
to bring the basic creative teams of the System in professional realization of a given sphere. 2. to come off at the creation of films of
the highest quality based on scripts about “Spirit of Knighthood – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5”. 3. to come off at the creation of own public television
channel where the significant part will be dedicated to a Decent Creativity.

Direction 3. Courses named “Development of the Personality”.
Since the most of these theories are entirely new, their main recognition will be possible after receiving the recognition of Theories in Science and after
the recognition of the creativity.

Direction 4. Public Projects of the System.
Their success is also possible after the recognition of Science and Creativity of the System and also after the success of the courses named “Development
of the Personality” (the students of these courses are the basic audience that understands the moral values of the System and can implement them in

Part 2. Development of main subdivisions.

ï Service. In CIS countries, such as Ukraine, where disappointment, infidelity, egoism, cunning, consumerism and many other flaws, with
few exceptions, are the norm, the transition from atheism and egoism to Faith and Service is super-difficult and super-important task. And now we may say
with confidence, that it can be achieved. In the System we may achieve it on average after 3-5 years. Certainly, on condition that a person is going on the
Way of Development (getting free from their problems, creating merits, feelings and talents, climbing career ladder, having more free time and growing
income, and as a result reaching the Way of Service). Now for leaders of the System the Service takes 15-20 hours per week, they
work not for salary, and even invest their capital to the projects. This is almost unreal for our country.


ï Development. The Way to development was very significant. It started with giving priceless knowledge to anybody who wanted, and finished
with the right of learning in the System to be deserved. To learn on the courses “Development of the Personality” everyone should obey, be disciplined, do
their best on the trainings (other ways there will not be any result). It works. Almost 1-2 years of studying change people very much –
their growing state of peace, internal light, aristocraticism, dignity, their appreciation of each other, creativity and traditions. Nowthe norm on Development for leaders staff is 5-5,5 hour classes 3 times per week. For courses “Development of Personality”5-5,5 hour classes 2 times per week.


ï Relationship. Shaping of Worthy Mutual Relations – is, on one hand, the aim significant on its own. But, on the other hand, it is a necessary condition for efficient long-term educational programs, because during the training people should be open and
interested in helping each other. This task was not achieved at once. When the System has been just founded, many people did not even speak to each other
and did not know each other’s names. Now during the classes the students become best friends and communicate not only at the classes, trainings, in
creative events and joint activity (e.g., when preparing charity events), but spend their free time together with pleasure.

Shaping Worthy Mutual Relations using the highest Ethics, Feelings and Mutual Help to each other has reached such a level that very few collectives
can be compared with it.

Families that were born in the System are much more worthy and safe than those in our modern world.


ï Traditions. The Way to the renewal of the Aristocratic traditions was very long, starting from many different problems (fear of going on
stage, women did not feel comfortable in long dresses, etc.). And now the System holds more than 44 events annually on the highest level, level of
feelings, nobility and aristocraticism. Everyone, who wants, may find more information about the balls and other events of the System via the Internet.

ï Creativity. The Way to creativity was also great: from amateur level, when going on stage, fighting your fears, deserved respect, to the
professionalism of the highest level, deepest sincerity and greatest feelings. So, few actors of the CIS countries can compete with the students of the
System in the power of influence while performing.

Now, every year the System holds 5 creative competitions: vocal, dancing, theatre, Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted and talent competition.
The creativity has become the norm for the majority.

Almost all the students take part in these competitions.

ï The way of life. Unlike the majority of Ukrainians, whose ordinary life pattern is “home-work-household”, the students have very
eventful and interesting way of life. They do things that most people can not even dream of. Besides self-realization they attend

classes, service, go in for sport (4-6 hours per week), take part in the events and in the last years travel to different countries.

Due to classes and such way of life almost all students of the System look 10-20 years younger and even if they get ill, it is because they do not solve
their problems in time.

Part 3. Teacher’s way of life

ï Every stage and every year, on the one hand, was full of victories, achievements, and great holidays. On the other, certainly,
each of them was not easy. Because the most difficult aspect is people. Every class brings up its problems that should be solved; sometimes these problems
intensify and cause offence. Some people do not solve their problem, take offence and become opponents of the System, excusing oneself, not wishing to
admit in one either arrogance, or envy, or greed. But for majority one of the usual phrases at the end of the class is: “Thank you, today it was very hard.
Very big problem was eliminated…”

ï The final purpose of the System to eliminate all the evil, sins, weakness, and to make all the best things to become the norm.
Certainly, some powers of the subtle world, everybody who is against it, gets in the fight. That is why for many years the Teacher starts every day with
work in the subtle world: fight, negotiations, searching for the solutions, etc. “Marriages are made in Heaven” and for the System to work well on the
physical level, all necessary conditions should be created in the Subtle World, to provide the System with necessary protection in its activity, and,
finally, to eliminate all the contradictions.

This work is still going on. It starts from 7.30 a.m. till lunch time, and continues, in most cases – after the classes, till 1 a.m. This work is
accompanied by the researches for the essence of the processes.

The second part of the day
– is researches, work with subdivisions of the System (12 public organizations and Departments), consultation, meeting of The Council of the System and
many others.

ï Every evening from 6 p.m. till 10.30 p.m. – lessons and trainings. During the week the Teacher gives 6 classes, 5-5,5 academic
hours each: 4 lessons – for students of higher courses and 2 classes of the course “Development of the Personality”.

ï On the weekends, on Sundays, in most cases, great events (balls, recitals and other) and scientific conferences of the System
take place. The Teacher’s work is to present his own reports, to warm up main reporters, to control the preparation for events, to sum up what was good and
what has to be done.

ï Every minute of life of Mikhail Yurjevich is aimed at achieving the higher purposes that the System has been directing to step by step for 20 years now.

9. Personal life. Potyomkina Anna Grigorjevna

ï Mikhail Yurjevich and his helpmeet, Potyomkina Anna Grigorjevna, met as the Patrons said in due time, answering the question: It will happen
itself&You don t have to do anything&You ve known her for long time, but now you won t remember her .

So it happened. In two years after this answer in the city with two million citizens they met “accidently” for several times until asked themselves: “May
be it wasn’t accidently at all?”

Anna Grigorjevna has been main and the only assistant of the Teacher for many years in many branches of activities of the System. She was one of the
originators of publishing and organization of the corporate culture of the System. She was the supervisor of the following departments and subdivisions of
the System: the “Culture”, the “Control”, the “Administration”, the “Information agency”, etc. Mikhail Yurjevich determined main tasks and she did
everything possible to bring them to logical conclusion.

ï Everybody, who knows and knew her, admires her beauty, intelligence, charm, distinguished personal qualities, ability to inspire people and organize the

When she passed away (January, 2001), all the students of the System, who hadn’t made an oath of commitment to God, the System and the Order (130 people)
yet, made their choice and took the oath.

To describe the feeling of Mikhail Yurjevich to his wife briefly, a suitable phase was said at the special event, dedicated to Anna Grigorjevna: “Devoted

For students of the System the relationship between Mikhail Yurjevich and Anna Grigorjevna has always been an example of the sincere, lofty feelings and
honourable relations.

. Scientific and Public Recognition.

ï From the beginning it was obvious that looking for recognition of the System in our own country was almost useless taking into account the subject of the
researches and the form of the activity.

That is why the first thing to do was to understand everything by your own, to found an organization, to achieve the practical results

and then to direct to some recognition.

The work to achieve recognition started in 2005, when the first thesis was defended “Conceptual integrative approach for unique esoteric philosophic system and its realization” (tractates, WUDSES).

The second thesis “Esoteric philosophical and practical System “Development of the Personality”” in the same University in 2006.

The most difficult thing was to defend the first thesis but then step by step the deserved recognition was achieved. The results:

ï Scientific Recognition. The Academician of RANS (the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia), IDA (the International Diplomatic
Academy, Belgium-Russia), EANS (the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Germany), ASDLO (the Academy of Security, Defense, Law and Order problems,
Russia), NYAS (The New York Academy of Sciences, the USA), AISES (International Academy for Social and Economic Development, Italy).

ï Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Professor IUFS (Russia), professor emeritus of MSU, the ICA, the chairman of the doctoral
committee IUFS, “Honored Worker of Science.”

ï Knighthood. The senator of the International Knight Union (the IKU), the knight of: the IKU, Teutonic Order, the Order of
Malta, the Order of Bonaria, the Order of “St. George the Victorious”.

ï Public recognition. Awards: the Highest Public award of Russian Federation the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky “FOR ACTIVITIES AND FATHERLAND” of the 1st degree in 2006
(unique in Ukraine);

“The international award of the Millenium”
(“For development of the Project “Spiritual Revival of Person and Society”, humanization of society and personal contribution to development of

and many other awards.

ï He received the benediction and gratitude of the Pope Benedict XVI for his activity.


But main recognition of Theory and Projects of the System is in the future. To achieve great recognition is becoming a current goal for the System only
now, at first it was needed to get all the necessary practical results.

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