Scientific researches

1. The analysis of the situation

  • For the last 20 years the number of vices, psycho-emotional and other problems in the world has increased by 2-3 times.
  • Science and education — don’t cope with this situation therefore they need a high-quality changing.

2. Analogs

Analogs. The best examples in the history are — the traditions of upbringing of Aristocrats, Knights, others.

3. The Purpose of the researches

The Main Purpose is— the solution all of the tasks connected with
Formation of the Personality (the strong, perfect, happy, successful, worthy, highly-effective, without vices, psycho-emotional and other problems person):

  • development of all the necessary theories, the training programs, corresponding methods and techniques;
  • The practical realization and bringing the theories to the greatest possible result.

The main difference from analogs of the history is — a strictly scientific, but not religious basis.

The areas of scientific interests

  • The Common Theory of Consciousness of the Person
  • The Theory of Formation of the Personality
  • Education reforming
  • Practical Philosophy
  • The courses '' Formation of the Personality ''
  • The Theory of Moral Standards
  • The Theory of Worthy Relationship
  • The Theory of Traditions, Creativity, Culture and Art of Worthy
  • The Theory of Development of Society
  • Development of training programs
  • Techniques of individual work
  • Social work
  • The System of Formation of the Personality

Potyomkina Anna Grigoryevna
Coordinator of the System


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Main Team


The Main Team


The Team of Assistants

Research projects — search of cooperation

  • The Common Theory of Consciousness of the Person

    The Common Theory of Consciousness of the Person

    At the moment in psychology there are many separate models and theories of consciousness, but the common Theory — is absent. This Theory —is the only one, which meets requirements imposed to all common theories (it is completed, consistent, proved, effective) and describes in details all the properties and displays of Consciousness within one Model.

    Existing approaches to Consciousness study, in spite of multimillion investments have not resulted in the ultimate goal.  The General Theory has not been created.

    The given approach – Human Consciousness is considered «as the computer», working «with the information» (thoughts, images, sensations).

    Results are: the Theory has been developed. Its practical appendices are developed and realized during more than 20 years (curriculums, techniques of individual work, etc.). The positive results are obtained, techniques of experimental approval of these statements are developed.

    The planned activity:

  • The Common Theory of Formation of the Personality

    The Common Theory of Formation of the Personality

    Vices grow over time dynamically, but, as a rule, modern society has neither accurate social spiritual and moral standards (models of the Worthy person by steps of his improvement), nor highly effective programs and techniques of their realization. This Theory gives definite answers to all of these questions.

    The solved tasks:

    • Classification of the overwhelming majority of all basic existing programs (statements) engaged during human consciousness programming according to the
      basic types (positive programs lead to Power, Happiness, Perfection and Success and other positive consequences; negative ones lead to weakness,
      sufferings, failures and other negative consequences) and the stages of growth (from simple to the difficult).
    • All necessary techniques, algorithms and approaches to modification of a person (Personality Forming) are developed.
    • Principles and techniques of working out of the corresponding curriculums are defined.

    The planned activity:

    • The preparation, the publication of articles – about 100.
    • The preparation, the edition of main monographs – 5. / For more details see “Research work”
    • The final purpose is – opening of the appropriate chairs, faculties, institutes; development and realization of various training and other programs.
  • Education reforming (input of programs of Formation of the Personality)

    Education reforming (input of programs of Formation of the Personality)

    In the modern education system there is a huge disproportion: the received knowledge is not used in life for about 90%, but to the knowledge and skills which are necessary always and for everyone (purposefulness, self-management, absence of fears, etc.), the attention is almost not paid. The Project purpose is — to correct this disproportion.

    The planned activity:

    • Development, approbation and realization of the corresponding textbooks, methodical grants and programs by stages.
    • The Ideal is– when half of school hours in an education system is found for questions of Formation of the Personality.

    For more details see “Publications”

  • The Courses '' Formation of the Personality ''

    The Courses '' Formation of the Personality ''

    ``Education is— necessary for everyone!``, (to be free from psycho-emotional and other problems; achievement of force, happiness, perfection, success; formation of worthy relationship; disclosure of talents and creativity; worthy way of life; other). Practical realization of developed Theories, deep qualitative changes of a Person.

    “The only higher education in this sphere”.
    The trainings are made in the video mode and prepared for circulation. Besides, they are a basis (in the form of theses and shorthand reports) for other

    The program includes:

    Part 1. INTRODUCTION COURSE. 5 topics with 5 trainings for each one.

    Part 2. THE BASIC THEORETICAL COURSE. 20 topics with 8 trainings for each one.

    Part 3. THE MAIN PROGRAM (trainings of personal growth). 7 courses, in average 100 trainings each course, 5-5,5 hours each

Since 1993 to the present research, public and other work of the Author and the System has been carried out without any financial or other support from outside.

For expansion of activity and receiving recognition of these works (the publication in rating magazines, participations in the international conferences, the promoting a part of employees from public to professional basis, other) — we need financial and other support of interested persons and organizations.

Everyone can transfer the charitable contribution to support the activity of the System into the following account (the size of donations isn’t regulated and doesn’t impose any obligations to the recipient, besides, that funds will be allocated for achievement of the above-mentioned purposes and tasks):

KOOS Institute “Development of the Person and Society”,

IK EGRPOU: 34757382,

Settlement account: 26008060818435,

Privatbank of IFI: 351533, Kharkov GRU

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