Potemkina Anna Grigoryevna


The co-founder and the head of many subdivisions  of the Center and the System «Development of the Personality»

Academician  of the EANS (Germany) and the IAELPS (the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences, Russia), the Honorary academician of the IPA (Ukraine), professor of the European university (Hannover).

The Senator of the International Knight Union (the IKU), Knight of the IKU.

Awards: the Highest award of the EANS and the IKU «the Star of Senator», «the Honour Award» (the EANS), the Award «For development of Science and Education» (the IPA), the Award of M.V.Lomonosov (the IAELPS).


The constant assistant of academician M.Y. Mianiye. The coordinator of the Center “Development of the Personality”.

The supervisor of the following departments and subdivisions of the System:  the “Culture”, the “Control”, the “Information agency”, etc.

The author and the co-author of books, the editor of several books by M.Y. Mianiye. The author of several monographs and programs.

Ideological inspirer of the corporate culture and event manager of the System.

The author of idea and the originator of the first documentary videos of the System — «The Royal ball», «The Great Mystery» and others.

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