The essence of the “Education” Project is acceptance of the Moral Basis, the Standards
of the Worthy people and the corresponding programs of Shaping of a Person as the Personality in the system of education.

It is known that Success depends on Personal Qualities of a Person (purposefulness, persistence, etc.) for 75–85 % and on professional knowledge and skills only for 15–25 %. But …

1. Today neither at school, nor in higher educational establishment a person learns to answer the most vital questions, such as: «What to believe in?», «How and for the sake of what should a person live?», «How to make a career?», «How to find and not to lose friends?», etc. There are no school hours dedicated to Shaping of the Personality in the countries CIS.

2. According to many sources of information about 90 % of the information received by a person during education will be never used in further life! At the same time the questions of Shaping of the Personality (ethics, self-control, high working capacity, other) are extremely vital for everyone!

3. Unfortunately, a personality is basically shaped by the street, mass media, etc., but not by the system of education!

4. Also, today’s education does not develop physically strong and healthy people. About 80–90 % of schools graduates are not allowed to serve in the army because of their poor physical conditions.

That is why the problems such as criminality, alcoholism, drug-addiction, diseases, depressions in Ukraine and the CIS countries are approximately 10 times more widely-spread than in the European countries. The health state and the life expectancy of our citizens also disappoint.

In the developed countries they carry out Shaping

of the Personality, but, as a rule, this is not direct shaping. The Shaping of the Personality is fulfilled through the Law and its respect (subordination, discipline), traditions, culture and religiousness.

Education should play the basic educational role in the country and carry out the Shaping of the Personality (a strong and worthy Person at all aspects, socially active citizen and a patriot).



Course 1 (9th form) «The Standards of the Worthy people»: Service, Development, Self-realization, Mutual relations, Traditions and the Way of life of the Worthy people, their role in the history.

Course 2 (10th form) «Shaping of the Personality»:

shaping of strong, worthy beliefs, impregnable self-estimation and self-confidence, work on the purposes, shaping of necessary personal qualities, etc.

Course 3 (11th form) “Happiness”: The

laws of Happiness, the state of Happiness (things that maintain or destroy it), meaning of Knowledge in achievement of any life purposes, influence of thoughts and beliefs of a person on his or her destiny, etc.


Course 1 (5th form) «The Formula of Success»: aspiration to success, faith, will, responsibility, discipline and so on.

Course 2  (6th form) «Elimination of internal problems»: the basic vices and their elimination, envy, fear, non-acceptance of criticism, etc.

Course 3 (7th form) «The Positive self-attitude»: respect, adequate self-estimation and so on.

Course 4  (8th form) «The Positive attitude to the world»: the attitude to the world around, love, gratitude, acceptance.

The task
for a person is to shape only the right and deserving attitude to all components of life.

Peculiarities of stages 1 and 2.  These stages do not require any special preparation of teachers, because training is carried out with the help of the corresponding textbooks. But thus only those who deserve love and respect of pupils should be such teachers.

Stage 3The task of the stage is strengthening of all courses with the corresponding training programs for development of necessary practical skills: ethics, good manners, ability to carry out negotiations, etc. A Person, participating in
these trainings, transforms his or her theoretical knowledge into practical, and, thus, efficiency of lectures increases.

Stage 4. The task of the stage is to modify  the general educational subjects (history, literature, etc.) according to the Standards of the Worthy people: the qualities they develop and the conclusions they help to shape, etc. For example, the history should not be limited just with learning of the facts, dates and names. It should teach to understand the logic of development of processes. What are the reasons of wars? How do they finish? How to solve these or those situations? The history should be the illustration to achievement of success and the evidence for the reasons of the end of empires and organizations.

Stage 5. Modification of the System of Education according to the ideal. Worthy teachers, material and technical conditions (educational areas, perfectly equipped classes, all necessary sport equipment; everything necessary for the useful and worthy pastime, rest, carrying out of cultural and other events), all disciplines for Shaping of the Personality, including those for development of talents and creativity – in full volume (50 % of school hours).

Peculiarities of stages 3, 4 and 5 is  the step-by-step increasing of complexity of the training programs of Shaping of the Personality, requirements to the lecturers and material base.
Finally, the teachers should become the best examples of the worthy people, and they should also be professional coaches.

A person should change to the best, develop and become more perfect to live the full and harmonious life. Therefore these programs are extremely
necessary for each person who wants to be successful.


1. Preparation of all necessary programs, textbooks, methodical literature for the system of education.

2. Promotion of this Project, from small facultative courses at schools and Higher Educational Establishments and to the full-scale acceptance of all offers and the training programs in the system of education of Ukraine and other countries.

3. Creation of the corresponding training courses
with the possibility of training through the Internet, and then through the Public Television.

Our purpose and dream is to let each person since his or her childhood learn to distinguish what is worthy and what is unworthy, shape the best merits, the positive self-attitude and positive attitude to this world. The next stage is the step-by-step elimination of weaknesses, vices and other problems. Only in this case the world will become better.

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