The «Shaping of the Personality» Courses (SPC) are the lessons and trainings of personal development for the maximum wide audience — youth, people of middle age and elderly people.

The Main purpose is Shaping of the Personality, development of a Strong, Perfect, Happy, Worthy, Successful Person.

The Strong one is capable to set and reach worthy goals using worthy methods.

The Perfect, the Worthy person corresponds to the Standards of Worthy people.

The Successful one is successful in all spheres: Self-realization, Mutual relations, the Way of life, etc.

The basic problems in modern society and education concerning Shaping of the Personality as a whole are: 1. Nowadays neither in Ukraine, nor in the CIS countries a Person is purposefully shaped as the Personality!
 2. Existing lessons and trainings of personal development cannot solve the problem of Shaping of the Personality as a whole. At the best way, they research local questions. 3. Shaping of the Personality is not a priority task for science, authorities or today’s society (financing of this sphere is almost absent).

The SPC. The general approach (everything, that corresponds to the best traditions of Shaping of the Personality in the history) is: 1. Accurate definition of the Moral Standard (what is right and what is wrong).2. Complex Shaping of the Personality (shaping all of internal components from belief to expressions).3. Training for all spheres of life (service, self-realization, mutual relations and so on). 4.Consideration of all factors influencing Shaping of the Personality (rules, mutual relations in groups of development, traditions, etc.).


Its Basis is scientific, instead of religious one as it was earlier.

Shaping of an adult person, as a rule, instead of his or her education since childhood.

Our Basic audience is not only aristocrats, but people with higher education and students.

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